Embossing Services.


Impressive down to the finest detail! 

To stand out among competing products on the market, packaging is embellished very elaborately and with attention to detail. In particular, extraordinarily fine embossings are becoming more popular and require special precision. Yet 4Packaging is also ideally matched to these requirements! This is because, alongside highly precise CNC milling machines that combine quality with maximum efficiency, we draw on the technology of the latest Cellaxy laser system for extensive and particularly detailed designs to be able to guarantee both efficiency and the highest quality. 

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Our services in detail:


Recycling of sleeves 

Protect the environment with us and seek an economic alternative to buying new bases. Thanks to our recycling procedures, you can have your previously engraved cylinders refurbished and made reusable. You’ll receive a top-quality cylinder and save resources at the same time. Furthermore, you’ll minimise lead times as you won’t have to order bases. 

CNC milling machines 

Our CNC milling machines combine quality with absolute efficiency. In particular, round engravings for logos and other design elements are processed with the highest precision so that you can get an outstanding embossing result later. 

Cellaxy direct laser embossing 

Conversely, our Cellaxy direct lasers show their strength in particularly extensive and fine structures. With the laser technology, you’ll get highly detailed embossing tools and save time in the process compared to CNC milling machines. 


To ensure our cylinders last longer and are more resistant to external influences, we seal them with a chrome layer. This way we can ensure that all cylinders can withstand mechanical influences over a long period.  

Additional embossing 

Following the embossing tool manufacturing, whether by means of CNC milling machines or Cellaxy direct lasers, we test them with original materials as they will be used later in production. This way, we can simulate as accurately as possible the embossing result achieved later in your production and ensure that the shape meets your requirements.