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In our Artwork, precision and efficiency go hand-in-hand

Once the design for new packaging is approved, it must then be prepared according to the various standards and requirements and implemented in the different variants. This is exactly where 4packaging comes in. We clean up and harmonize the data, create the final art and adapt it to different country, language and format versions. All this takes place independently of the subsequent printing process. High register accuracy, precise positioning of series elements as well as the consistent implementation of standards all play a critical role here. In this way, we guarantee a uniform brand presence while also achieving maximum efficiency.

Incoming data check

We check agency data for quality, plausibility, editability and implementability from a technical printing perspective. 

Artwork and base art creation

Absolute precision in creation of the final art is required as the foundation for all adaptations. On the basis of technical drawings and in coordination with design rules and customer requirements, fixed positions are defined for logo and design elements, fonts and text sizes are established and required labels are integrated. This base art represents a binding template and is defined for each product variant and packaging size. We inspect the consistent implementation of uniform positions for embossing and hot foil, and we adapt these to other designs. This ensures that tool costs are saved wherever possible. It goes without saying that 4packaging always keeps the complete product line in mind in the interests of a coherent brand image.

Brand supervision and oversight

We inspect your data according to all criteria: logo versions, sizes, colors, color separations, minimum line thickness, etc.

Adaptation for product and country variants

In this process step, the base art is adapted for specific markets with their individual requirements, such as legal texts, warnings, content information and language variants.


The joint definition of standards for the work process is the key to efficient workflows and maximum process reliability. This applies to everything from required legends and designations to file names and structures.

Central archiving

You choose whether you want pure design data without any printing-specific elements or if you want us to handle the next process step all the way to a file ready for reproduction. Our central archive offers you direct access to the final approved project file at any time.

Creation of design guides

If desired, we can develop binding design rules and standards ranging from color definition to the use of fonts.

Digital 3D mock-ups

These aid you in making decisions about your packaging development.