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Intricate details that make an impression

For differentiation from competing products, packaging is refined in ever more elaborate ways today. Expectations on the level and extent of detail are constantly increasing for embossing in particular, and 4packaging has consistently risen to meet these quality demands. In addition to high-precision CNC milling machines that combine quality with maximum efficiency, we also rely on the capabilities of state-of-the-art laser technologies for richly and extensively detailed designs. As a longstanding innovation partner to the machine manufacturer Hell, we have participated in every stage of development since the market introduction of the first high-powered lasers, and we have years of experience with this technology. The embossing results of these techniques impress with long-lasting tactile properties. We realize micro-embossing and background texturing over large areas with maximum detail accuracy. Thanks to our perfectly coordinated, highly automated workflow, our customers benefit not only from the precision of our embossing dies but also the exceptional efficiency with which they are manufactured. The versatility and high performance of our embossing die production processes are closely tied to our perfectly adapted equipment and our in-depth process competence.

CNC mills

High-precision CNC mills are very efficient at engraving cylinders, especially for logo and design elements. They combine maximum efficiency and effectiveness with high production quality that leads to stable and long-lasting embossed textures. 


Our high-powered lasers for direct texturing of embossing dies produce elaborate designs significantly more quickly than CNC mills. In addition to the positive impact on our delivery times, the potential applications are extraordinarily diverse and capable of meeting almost any requirements. Thanks to the high power density of these lasers, we can directly engrave copper surfaces in addition to zinc, aluminum, nickel, steel and brass. The detail accuracy and efficiency are also unparalleled.

Embossing proofs

Embossing dies are time-consuming and expensive to manufacture. Our preliminary samples on original materials offer our customers a binding template for final approval or serve as a basis for final correction requests. After approval, the relief is applied 1:1 to the production tool.


With the use of a universal embossing cartridge, any embossing die can be tested on original material regardless of the embossing system used. The purpose of this test is to present to our customers a simulation of the rotary embossing result of the eventual production run that is as accurate as possible for quality assurance purposes. The content, profile, geometry and performance reserves are precisely documented for every die.

Automated chrome-plating of embossing dies

In the final step, all engraved embossing dies are sealed with chrome plating in an automated, horizontal system. This environmentally sound sealing of the embossing die increases the resistance to external influences in order to guarantee a long lifespan.

Fitting of attachments

The necessary attachments are fitted to the embossing cylinders, which are then delivered ready for installation.