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Reproduction plays an important role in the quality and efficiency of the entire process of preparing data for packaging printing. Perfect printing results can only be achieved if full consideration is given in advance to the complex technical production requirements. We can take responsibility for central reproduction to ensure a uniform brand image across all production processes or simply handle specific reproduction tasks for the creation of rotogravure cylinders. Either way, you always profit from our extensive and state-of-the-art expertise. And we offer one more special advantage: You will always be in direct contact with the highly qualified operator responsible for processing your order.

Incoming data check

An efficient workflow begins with an incoming data check. We check the data provided by the client for the feasibility of reproduction: Are the images available in sufficient resolution? Were the fonts provided or are they vectorized? If necessary, we will coordinate with the customer or design agency already during this phase.

Feedback and order preparation

The individual separations – i.e. the layout and sequence of the colors – are defined in consultation with the customer. The design data (generally Illustrator, PDF or InDesign files) is converted in the packaging-specific editor "ArtPro", assigned an ID number and imported into the system.

Separation / trapping

The reproduction editing of the design data is performed in the editor "ArtPro" as well as in the image editing software Photoshop. The print images are first separated into the defined colors, then the special colors are created or derived. Trapping and cut-backs are also defined here in accordance with the specific registration tolerance of the contracted printing company.

Creation and inspection of codes / logos

If necessary, EAN and QR codes are generated and inspected. We also check DPG logos for bottles with a deposit.

Optimization work

The data is retouched in detail and with high precision (µm range). We optimize the line thicknesses and gaps, the gray balance (known as gray component replacement) and the tonality values in consideration of overflow areas, minimum tonality values and other critical aspects. We also make optimal color adaptations to the color template. In order to guarantee a perfect workflow all the way to the printing machine and to replicate the proofing results on the printing machine without excessive difficulties, we recommend our Color Management services.

3D mock-ups and proofs

If desired, we can create 3D mock-ups based on your packaging data. This allows the effect of the printed image on the packaging to be depicted in the most realistic and detailed fashion possible. Not only does this approach permit an interactive 360° view, it is also possible to perfectly simulate specific finishing methods such as embossing and various effect lacquers as well as special materials such as gold foil and aluminum.

Proofs and cylinder layout

On our powerful EPSON equipment, we produce true-color proofs with the renowned "GMG Proofing System". In conclusion, we create the cylinder layouts with the respective printer-specific controls and marks.

Quality control system

Our quality control system encompasses systematic checks based on standard checklists, inspection of interchangeable printing cylinders through on-screen comparison of the separations and simulations of registration errors. We also centrally store customer specifications, standards and important information in the company encyclopedia on our network.

Data approval and archiving

The final PDF files are sent by email for approval. Perfect transparency and greater insight into the structure of the data is also provided by our web-based communication and approval tool "4pconnect" with a visualizer function. The associated 1:1 proofs are sent to our customers by courier or personally delivered by our field service representatives. After approval, the data is archived on the in-house server and can be supplied again at any time, if needed.

Interface to engraving

When the data and proofs are sent to the customer, the data has already passed through its first quality control stage and is ready for engraving. After approval, the workflow continues with quality assurance and engraving preparations.