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The quality of our printing tools pays off in production

The branded articles industry has witnessed constant growth in product line diversity and therefore also in the range of packaging. As the frequency of design changes increases and print run volumes decline, minimizing lead times becomes ever more critical to success. This is essential for responding rapidly to new market demands and securing a corresponding competitive advantage. As a manufacturer of rotogravure cylinders, 4packaging faces these challenges with the highest possible level of automation coupled with standardization, flexibility and a dynamic approach. Thanks to our continuous investments in the newest machine and software technologies, we are in a position to satisfy even the highest quality demands. Through close and constructive collaboration with the machine manufacturers, we have developed into a technology leader in our industry. This is an important foundation for proactively supporting the innovation strategies of our customers. With state-of-the-art production technology, in-depth know-how and streamlined processes, we guarantee our customers the shortest delivery times, printing and embossing tools of unwaveringly high quality and optimal printing conditions.

Greater production reliability via press proofs

After an order has passed through all process stages, a final press proof is made from each cylinder. This documents the accuracy of the printing tool with regard to text, condition and color accuracy. To simulate the production conditions as authentically as possible, the same material and inks intended for the production run are used here. Our perfectly matched Color Management also allows us to ideally simulate with standardized colors the eventual printing result.

Inline process controls

There are a number of measurable process parameters for a rotogravure cylinder that must remain within the specified tolerances in order to achieve an optimal printing result. These include roughness, copper hardness and diameter, all values that are automatically measured for every cylinder as part of our manufacturing process. Integrated into the automated process, our measuring station checks each cylinder for compliance with customer requirements and tolerance values. Deviations that exceed the tolerances are therefore detected early in the process, and necessary adjustments can be made.

Fully automated engraving

By utilizing the newest and most modern engraving systems to engrave the rotogravure cylinders, we can offer you the highest standard of quality while also minimizing setup and adjustment times as well as wastage. In addition, our fully automated production processes allow us to work around the clock in order to easily respond to your urgent requirements. After all, the engraving machines themselves are also a fundamental component of our Color Management, which guarantees the best achievable reproducibility.

High performance with Cellaxy direct laser technology

Our high-powered laser for direct texturing of rotogravure cylinders is capable of applying lines and halftone shapes directly onto copper. This makes 4packaging the first printing tool manufacturer capable of offering direct laser-engraving of copper printing tools at a quality that is more than equivalent to etching. And we offer one more special advantage: Our fully automated processes reduce delivery times to a minimum. The Cellaxy direct laser can satisfy all requirements: from typical, high-resolution lines to technically sophisticated cylinders (such as for use with textured lacquers) as well as security applications.

Refurbishing and manufacturing of bases

You can also rely on the competence of 4packaging in the manufacturing of bases and the refurbishing of existing tools. We guarantee a smooth process, and we reduce the typical delivery times for refurbishing down to an absolute minimum.