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We maximize the color accuracy while minimizing the time required

Our customers should know already before the printing process begins how the colors will be arranged on their packaging, and they should know this with sufficient precision to make corrections and optimizations in good time. For this reason, 4packaging practices such absolutely precise Color Management that a proof presented and approved by us interprets the colors in the CMYK color space just as can be expected in the subsequent production print run.

Step by step to the perfect printing profile

Under real conditions specific to the color series, substrate and speed, the printing machine at the respective printing company will be equipped with fingerprint cylinders. These contain color charts and standardized images in the CMYK color space for visual inspection. The printing result achieved in this way is then measured at 4packaging so that the color space – in other words the power distribution of the colors – can be determined on the basis of LAB values. This color space forms the basis for creating the printer or proof profile. The images and charts produced in this way are compared with the print sample. The profile is optimized in stages, a process that is not finished until the proofed result corresponds exactly to the print on the machine.

Assuming that all conditions such as color series, color density and material are complied with, we can guarantee in this way that the digital proof can be exactly matched in the subsequent printing.

Uniquely precise, even with special colors

Color Management at 4packaging is uniquely characterized by our extreme care in the use of special colors and our technical skill at innovation. In order to ensure color-true representation of special colors and their gradations, we print and measure single proofs of the special color. To measure two consecutively printed special colors, we create a matrix.

Our technology leadership improves quality and efficiency

4packaging is working with software developers to test new possibilities for demanding realizations, such as special colors in halftone (continuous tone). The goal is to avoid future deviations of the print result due to distortions caused by special colors in the case of colors that do not fall within the color space of the fingerprint.

Through the use of innovative software, it is possible to convert image data from one color space to another. For example, the color profile ISOcoatedV2, which is the standard profile for advertising agencies, can be converted into the special color space of the printer. And we offer one more special advantage: Our customers profit from considerable time savings in color correction.