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We make your embossing dies environmentally friendly

With the recycling of printing and embossing cylinders, 4packaging offers customers an economical alternative to the purchase of new cylinders. 4packaging is the only embossing die manufacturer to have expanded its recycling service to the refurbishing of embossing sleeves. This time- and cost-saving alternative is now practiced by many printing companies since the procurement of bases remains a bottleneck in the use of embossing sleeves. Because there are only a few manufacturers available, this can take several weeks. A new technology co-developed by 4packaging now offers customers the opportunity to refurbish their accumulated stocks of used sleeves. With this process, the old embossing design is machined off, and the aluminum sleeve is then directly plated with the necessary amount of zinc. The subsequent milling can then take place directly in zinc, which opens up a host of advantages even beyond the associated resource conservation.

Zinc offers outstanding adhesion properties

The use of zinc for surface finishing in place of aluminum yields material-specific advantages. For instance, the originally used copper coating process does not bond to aluminum. Using zinc for recycling also improves the milling process by making it faster and more efficient while reducing tool wear. 4packaging relies here on a new zinc technology that is not sensitive to moisture at all. It is also harder, making the punching parts more durable than if they were made of aluminum. In addition, the zinc recycling process results in outstanding adhesion and processing properties.

Significant cost savings

The recycling process makes inconvenient procurement delays a thing of the past. Our customers also save money since refurbishing is less expensive than purchasing new sleeves. In addition, less storage space is required.

Recycling services for printing and embossing tools:

Sleeve recycling

Embossing sleeves are prepared for reuse through application of a zinc layer.

  • Cost savings of over 25% compared with procurement of new sleeves
  • On-demand availability – no delivery delays
  • More durable coating than aluminum
  • Low resource consumption


Base refurbishing

4packaging replaces the old engraving layer with a new zinc layer. This offers valuable advantages:

  • Massive time savings thanks to immediate availability
  • Inexpensive solution
  • Highly durable coating


Refurbishing / base sleeve procurement

Refurbishing of old embossing cylinders and procurement of new bases from third party providers.

  • Everything from a single source: One-Stop-Shop@4packaging
  • Short delivery times