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Our 4pconnect brings maximum transparency to our collaboration

4packaging has created "4pconnect", an online workflow system, in order that our customers can directly control, schedule and monitor their projects. This platform is specially tailored to the requirements of the packaging industry and supports the depiction of customer-specific project flows and approval cycles as well as digital information management. In this way, 4pconnect simplifies communication, optimizes operating processes and improves the process reliability. Thanks to central and web-based data management, 4pconnect is the ideal platform for brand management. The goal is to coordinate and structure all activities through a single interface in order to guarantee maximum security and transparency.

This yields advantages for you in many aspects of your daily work. As our partner, you can make use of this feature-rich, platform-independent software without the need to make any investments of your own. You can quickly and easily keep an eye on all processes. Because a majority of the communication with the participating colleagues and partners takes place via 4pconnect, email correspondence concerning the projects is hardly necessary at all. Naturally, there are also fewer telephone inquiries.

Efficiency thanks to structured process flows

With 4pconnect, we offer our customers a professional platform for maximum efficiency in the manufacturing of packaging.

  • The well-designed process management system eliminates redundancies and superfluous work steps, supporting effectively structured workflows.
  • As a centralized platform, 4pconnect is perfectly suited for secure and automated correction and approval management, allowing this work to be performed anywhere and at any time.
  • It features central administration and asset management of all data (graphics and design files) as well as project documents (tables, offers, customer specifications).

How 4pconnect is implemented

After a joint analysis of structures and workflows, these are documented and then digitally reconstructed. The web-based system can be used by all authorized users from any computer at any time without the need to make additional investments in software or hardware. This is accomplished by creating accounts and assigning appropriate rights and duties by means of user groups. The tasks can then be assigned in accordance with a customer-specific workflow. A free app with integrated viewing and approval functions is also available for iPhone and iPad.

Always transparent and always up to date

4pconnect provides a central data store that all participants can access. Thanks to professional version management and real-time updates, you will always be up to date. The clear division of labor and documentation of approvals and changes ensure maximum transparency. Original and accurate printing data can be checked and approved with the help of the integrated viewer. All relevant information, such as separation views, original tonality values and spacings are reproduced with perfect photorealistic accuracy in 3D views. The customer-specific interface and user-friendly viewing and commenting tools guarantee a short learning curve.

Professional and secure data management

Never search again: Thanks to professional archiving, you have direct and rapid access to your data at all times. Individual search pages and filters make it easy to locate projects and documents based on specific metadata. Access to the data is secured by customer-specific authorizations. All of the features and benefits of 4pconnect are backed up by the highest security and data privacy precautions. 

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