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We present your brand in the right light

Attractive packaging is an important part of your market presence and decisively shapes the perception of your brand. In addition to compelling packaging design, this also includes complete compliance with all formal requirements as well as consistent implementation of corporate design standards. This is equally true for both major brands and brands of mid-market companies. 4packaging views these three requirements as a single whole, and we are specialized in guaranteeing full realization of all of these aspects in every situation. Thanks to our systematic, highly professional and standardized procedures, we are not only precise but also exceptionally fast. In the competition for market share, our customers are interested above all in getting their products to market quickly.

You will only speak with experts here

Our high quality standards are the result of decades of experience in rotogravure printing. From Artwork to reproduction to the manufacturing of printing tools and embossing dies, we are absolute professionals ready to assist you with anything from individual services to a complete package. We also do everything we can to customize our service to specific customer needs. This starts with our web portal, which offers a platform for effective and secure communication. Our philosophy of customization also extends to the definition of process standards that guarantee you consistent implementation, regardless of the printing process. And we offer one more special advantage: You will always be in direct contact with the responsible operator.

Cigarette industry

4packaging has decades of experience in the cigarette industry. We are specialized in producing high-quality finishing effects in the smallest spaces, which will increase further in importance with the introduction of the new Tobacco Products Directive in 2016. Thanks to our many years of working with large cigarette manufacturers, we know exactly what is important in practice, starting with the positioning of warning texts and continuing to international implementation and adaptation of packaging variants. At the same time, we combine optimal quality with superior speed and efficiency to create decisive advantages for our customers in bringing products to market.

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)

We are in our element when it comes to difficult assignments. The outstanding flexibility of 4packaging is ideal when it comes to meeting the needs of the food industry, where every project brings new and individual challenges. Our extensive expertise in flexible packaging is one particular advantage for you. In this price-sensitive market, we guarantee the highest process efficiency with short development times even in the face of frequent changes. We are a true innovation partner who shares your goals, and we also guarantee absolute quality and color accuracy. The characteristic efficiency of 4packaging ensures inexpensive solutions and a competitive time to market.