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We ensure that your design appears on the shelf exactly as envisioned


The influence of well-designed packaging on the purchase decision is undisputed. In order for the design to have its full impact on the shelf, specialists in Artwork and reproduction are required to guarantee optimal technical implementation. If your agency likes to focus on design and leave the implementation to others, you should get to know 4packaging. As an outsourcing partner with deep understanding of the pre-production process, we are thoroughly familiar with the requirements of packaging printing and know exactly how to prepare your data for the greatest effect. Because we work with the newest technologies and processes, we can also help you take the efficiency of your production processes to the next level. In other words, you can focus entirely on the design and still offer your clients a complete solution.

Outsourcing: Full service or individual support

Whether you wish to outsource specific work or the entire service spectrum all the way to a printable file with color template: You can always rely on 4packaging. At the start of a collaboration, we work with our customers to define the parameters for an efficient workflow. Naturally, we first check the parameters of every new order to ensure feasible realization in consideration of the technical requirements of the material and the printing and finishing processes. This allows us to prevent surprises from the start.

Artwork: The interface between creation and implementation

In addition to the finished art, our Artwork department can also handle the implementation of the final design in various product, country and packaging variants. We pay careful attention to the requirements of legal regulations and other formalities, and we maintain consistency in the representation, positioning and sizing of warnings, nutritional information, bar codes and the like. At the same time, we ensure uniform implementation of your corporate design requirements. Thanks to our systematic, highly professional and standardized procedures, we are not only precise but also exceptionally efficient. With our help, the time required to introduce new products can be significantly reduced. This is a particularly important competitive factor in the case of fast-moving products, for which every day counts.

Central services: Reproduction and data processing

The images and data are prepared for printing in our Central Reproduction department. This is where the CMYK data is converted to special colors and color templates are created according to the color standard, all based on the specific printing requirements.

Mock-ups: Creation of packaging samples

As an aid to selecting the best design and to help guarantee a smooth workflow, we recommend our barrel proof service, in other words, the creation of the first sample packaging under real production conditions. For some types of packaging, we can supplement this service with digital 3D mock-ups that make for impressive additions to a customer presentation.