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We are sticklers for precision and efficiency

In addition to constant price pressures, the packaging printing industry is confronted today with demand for ever shorter throughput times. Printing companies compete intensely for the available business, and standardization and efficiency are key factors in the fight for market share. As your professional partner, 4packaging is here for you, and thanks to extensive automation solutions and in-depth knowledge of the many technologies and processes, we offer you much more than a typical printing tool supplier.

Standardization with maximum efficiency

Since 2006, 4packaging has worked with the world’s most modern machinery as well as the most innovative technologies and software solutions in the prepress area.


This pioneering spirit is the foundation for many advantages:


Maximum time efficiency

We guarantee you the shortest production and delivery times, easily keeping up with the in-house production of flexo plates or offset printing plates. This is an important aspect in selecting the preferred printing process.


Minimized tolerances

Another benefit of our modern machinery and high level of automation is realization of the smallest possible tolerances. In addition to narrowly defined parameters in surface processing, our electromechanical engraving processes are oriented around manufacturing in volume. This results in maximum reproducibility and consistency in the printing of subsequent orders in a series. The associated reduction in scrap means a corresponding improvement in profitability.


The right tools for the job

For special applications, we make use of Cellaxy direct laser technology. The high performance of this method can be seen especially in the area of fine lines or when special raster settings are required (security applications, special substrates, etc.). The system can also engrave standard copper surfaces for optimal printability and cylinder consistency.


Unique Color Management

A sophisticated Color Management system is essential for efficient print production. Our approach here is not to generate a bewildering number of profiles. Instead, we perform a specific, individual analysis and optimally adapt the concept to your needs. Previously implemented solutions, such as the ink pilot, demonstrate the potential savings achievable by reducing setup times.


System-spanning solutions

One of our pilot projects with Japan Tobacco International Germany GmbH shows that Color Management need not be a one-way street. It can actually be structured to encompass multiple systems. In this project for the implementation of pictorial health warnings, we demonstrated that Color Management can function across various printing companies and printing tool manufacturers. Our definition of “standard” is a method that can be implemented by all printing tool manufacturers and printing companies.