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Attractive packaging is essential for the value perception and success of your brand in retail. In this respect, it is very important for corporate design standards to be defined and consistently implemented. Strict compliance with formal requirements, such as for nutritional information or the use of bar codes and QR codes, also plays a significant role. These objectives can give rise to significant challenges since the packaging design can vary in shape, size and associated product lines. Additional complications result from the fact that packaging may be produced by a number of different suppliers and/or with different printing processes. As a professional partner, 4packaging can act as a coordinator, managing the diverse requirements and ensuring implementation of a clearly identifiable appearance at every stage, from Artwork to reproduction and preparation of the printing data.

A professional touch for the entire implementation

If needed, we can define layout standards for the individual product lines for you to share with your various service providers. We check the data based on all applicable criteria and create base art for format and product variants. Naturally, we also handle all technical questions and ensure the feasibility of implementation. For example, we optimize typography and images according to the requirements of the respective printing process. Thanks to our systematic, highly professional and standardized procedures, we are not only precise but also exceptionally efficient. Since customers generally wish to bring their products to market quickly, this efficiency represents a major advantage.

A partner with foresight and experience

Our high quality standards are the result of decades of experience in manufacturing printing tools. From Artwork and reproduction to printing tool manufacturing, we are specialists with wide-ranging expertise. Naturally, we do everything we can to customize our service to specific customer needs. This starts with our web portal, which offers a platform for effective and secure communication, and continues all the way to the creation of barrel proofs, in other words original samples of your packaging. Optimal collaboration is made possible by a reliable contact partner who oversees the entire realization of your projects.

Our team of professional, dedicated employees is ready to assist you with your every need.

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