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Our milestones.

Like all others, our company also started small and developed through the constant striving for the highest quality and state of the art as well as the confidence of many clients. Here are some of the notable milestones in our history. From the founding to the present day, they demonstrate our success.


Facts and figures.

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Gravure tools

This is the number of gravure printing tools that have been produced at our company since its foundation in 2000. We started with just a few cylinders a week, but today more than 130 gravure and 25 Cellaxy laser cylinders may be produced daily.

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In collaboration with our clients, we have produced many, many artworks. Our department currently consists of many experts who always enjoy working on your orders.

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Embossing tools

This is the number of embossing tools that 4Packaging has produced. Around a quarter of cylinders are processed with our Cellaxy direct lasers, while all other embossing tools are manufactured with CNC milling machines. We can therefore safely say that we have considerable experience.

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Products that were manufactured using printing cylinders from our company are used in 190 countries. We operate internationally and are trusted by notable clients with whom we have had ties for many years – a trust that we wish to continue to foster!

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There are as many employees employed at our company as are necessary to process your orders to your satisfaction every single time. In different areas of planning and manufacturing, they always give their all to achieve high-quality results.