Rotogravure Services. 


Our quality pays off! 

In recent years, the range of products and, at the same time, the variety of packaging in the branded goods industry has increased immensely. The number of changes in designs is only getting higher, yet print runs are shortening. This is where we come in. We can respond to your requirements promptly and flexibly and therefore minimise your lead times. This way, you can immediately react to new market requirements and, through rapid implementation, secure a competitive edge!  

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Our services in detail:


Recycling of cylinders 

Protect the environment with us and seek an economic alternative to buying new cylinders. Thanks to our recycling procedures, you can have your previously engraved cylinders refurbished and made reusable. You’ll receive a top-quality cylinder and save resources at the same time. Furthermore, you’ll minimise lead times as you won’t have to order blanks. 

Electromechanical engraving 

Thanks to our modern and fully automated electromechanical engraving, we can guarantee you top quality and low set-up times. With our engraving systems that are active around the clock, we can react promptly and flexibly to your requests. 

Cellaxy direct laser engraving 

Does your design contain very fine details or characters? We can also engrave these with extreme precision. With our Cellaxy direct laser, we can offer you the finest precision without the saw-tooth effect and you can even save ink costs depending on your design. Yet we are also the first manufacturer to be able to offer the mapping of line and half-tone colours directly in copper in excellent quality and with a notable number of cylinders.  


To ensure our cylinders last longer and are more resistant to external influences, we seal them with a chrome layer. This way we can ensure that all cylinders can withstand mechanical influences over a long period.  

Visual controls using Warp4 Control 

Our specially developed system Warp4 Control enables a reliable and time-saving control of your cylinders. As part of a standardised procedure, the cylinder surface is checked for imperfections using visual controls – i.e. direct inspection by an employee. The reliability of the control procedure is significantly increased, as irregularities on the surface of the cylinder can be more clearly spotted than in the proof. Thanks to the optimisation of our procedures, you’ll get the best quality every time. 

Hard proofs 

If requested, we can naturally ensure that your cylinders comply with our highest standards using a hard proof. By means of the printed image, we can check the quality of a cylinder with regard to text, state of the art and colour adhesion. In the process, we use the same materials and colours that will be used in your production to simulate the production conditions as accurately as possible.