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Smile Studio.

Behind our Smile Studio are a team of experts in innovative and photorealistic 3D visualisations and 3D printing. From the presentation in 3D of your product in both still and moving images of any kind to the creation of prototypes, we’re happy to help you. We can create digital promotional material or support you in the development process of your products. Come and have a look to discover even more possibilities! 

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The interface between your creation and technical implementation! 

Have you already approved your desired design? Our work begins here, as we check the feasibility from a typographic perspective and process your design with regard to standards and legal requirements. We deal with the adjustment and harmonisation of your data, create authoritative base arts and adapt these standards to other product lines and packaging sizes. Changes can then be incorporated quickly and directly, making for a harmonious brand identity! 



We put every pixel in the right place! 

With our repro services, your data is prepared for the printing processes and optimised in consultation with you. Only if the complex, product-technical requirements have already been considered in the data processing can a perfect printing result in line with your ideas ultimately be achieved. Using our web portal 4P Connect, you can get information on the status of your order at any point.  



Our quality pays off! 

In recent years, the range of products and, at the same time, the variety of packaging in the branded goods industry has increased immensely. The number of changes in designs is only getting higher, yet print runs are shortening. This is where we come in. We can respond to your requirements promptly and flexibly and therefore minimise your lead times. This way, you can immediately react to new market requirements and, through rapid implementation, secure a competitive edge!  



Impressive down to the finest detail! 

To stand out among competing products on the market, packaging is embellished very elaborately and with attention to detail. In particular, extraordinarily fine embossings are becoming more popular and require special precision. Yet 4Packaging is also ideally matched to these requirements! This is because, alongside highly precise CNC milling machines that combine quality with maximum efficiency, we draw on the technology of the latest Cellaxy laser system for extensive and particularly detailed designs to be able to guarantee both efficiency and the highest quality. 

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